1st Quarter Homework




On this page you will find the current 8th-grade homework assignments. SeeMr Zindman if you have any concerns or questions.


Here is my homework grading rubric: Homework Rubric    

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1st Quarter Homework Assignments

The homework due dates are posted on the homework board in class!

English Language Arts
Assignment-Read Chapters 17-18 and complete the study guide that pertains to the reading!
Listen to Chapter 17 

Listen to Chapter 18

The Novel
A Long Walk to Water Study Guide 

United States History
Reconstruction Assignments
The West Transformed
West Transformed Section 1

West Transformed Section 2

West Transformed Section 3

West Transformed Section 4

Urban Growth and Immigration
Industry and Immigration Section 1 

Industry and Immigration Section 2 

Industry and Immigration section 3 

Industry and Immigration Section 4 

Industry and Immigration Section 5 

(See The Progressive Era Section 1 )