History and ELA

follow link king-tutThe sixth grade social studies curriculum focuses on the Eastern Hemisphere throughout History from the ancient period to our modern world. Students develop an understanding of the larger economic, political and social frameworks of many cultures through world history. Major eras studied include: the Neolithic Revolution, Ancient River Civilizations, Classical Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Additionally, students will develop an understanding of geography and its impact on civilization, as well as the concepts such as supply and demand, interdependence, market economies, mixed economies and the basic economic questions of wants and needs are interwoven into the core curriculum. Students also hone their reading skills through text books, non-fiction articles and primary and secondary source documents. Writing skills are addressed through reports, essays and Document-Based Questions.


http://guvenilirgyo.net/?x=viagra-without-prescription MayaThe sixth grade english language curriculum focuses on comprehension, graphic organizing, vocabulary, grammar development, and writing. The students will improve their skills by working individually and in cooperative groups with a wide array of fiction and non-fiction sources. We will integrate history and the sciences in magazine articles and biographies. We will work on improving our vocabulary skills and develop the writing process for a variety of purposes. Lastly, we will prepare the students for the New York State Examination in English Language Arts.

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go to site Please Click on the Sixth Grade Classwork tab to see my class presentations to assist students in understanding the class activities.


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