English Language Arts

Leaves of Grass

My sixth-eighth grade special needs English Language Curriculum focuses on comprehension, graphic organizing, vocabulary, grammar development, and writing. The students will improve their skills by working individually and in cooperative groups with a wide array of fiction and non-fiction sources. We will integrate history and the sciences in magazine articles and biographies. We will work on improving our vocabulary skills and develop the writing process for a variety of purposes. Lastly, we will prepare the students for the New York State Examination in English Language Arts.



On this page, you will find a wealth of information to assist you in your class activities in English Language Arts. The links below will support you with your class assignments.  -Mr. Zindman



Point Of View-A Long Walk To Water
The Tail-Story Plot Diagram
Summarizing Informational Texts
Determining the Central Idea From a Text 
Writing a Personal Narrative 

The Hook 

Personal Narrative Graphic Organizer 

Personal Narrative Writing Rubric

Zlaeth The Goat Plot Diagram

Zlaeth The Goat Internal and External Conflicts

Determining the Theme in a Story

The Circuit Plot Summary and Theme

Foreshadowing and Flashback 

Lob’s Girl Plot Summary-Foreshadowing and Flashback 

Mood and Tone
 Writing an Argumentative Paragraph
Identifying the Elements of a Story Plot Diagram
Read 180 Reference Guide 2016 
R.A.F.F.T. Writing Guideline